caraCara Wyland is the Children’s Miracle Network Director and Annual Events Manager for CHRISTUS St. Patrick Foundation.

Wyland received her degree in Advertising from The University of Texas at Austin, and spent the first part of her career overseeing Advertising and Marketing efforts in retail and business-to-business organizations in the Houston area.

Wyland transitioned to the non-profit sector when she moved from Houston back to her hometown of Austin, becoming the Project Director for a cutting-edge community health project sponsored by St. David’s Foundation.  Wyland’s work with this project ignited a passion in her for philanthropy, community engagement and making a difference in the lives of young people.

Since that time, Wyland has applied her considerable leadership and management skills to a variety of business environments, many focused on working with young people to help them develop their own leadership and management skills.

Wyland moved to the Lake Charles area almost three years ago, and has been engaging in a variety of community activities ever since.  She believes in the importance of having a powerful and inclusive common vision, the beauty of asking people to make a difference, and the wisdom of really listening to people – convictions which are put into play every day in her work with CHRISTUS St. Patrick Foundation.