On behalf of the CHRISTUS Ochsner Southwestern Louisiana Foundation Board of Directors and the Blue Knights LA VIII, we thank you for your support of our long-standing Run with the Nuns Charity Ride, 5K Run & Cook-Off.

This event has been an integral part of our Foundation fundraising for seven years, and your support has allowed us to bring our community together to focus on critical healthcare needs for Southwest Louisiana.

It is rare for an event of any kind to demonstrate success more than five years, and the Run with the Nuns has gone well beyond that. Now, in what would have been its eighth year, we have decided to discontinue the Run with the Nuns Charity Ride, 5K Run and Cook-Off.

We created a new event this year called the Green Hat Charity Fun Run/Walk/Crawl. This event was held on St. Patrick’s Day March 17, the anniversary of the CHRISTUS St. Patrick Health System, was hugely successful in attracting participants and fundraising and helped us purchase a new LiteGait® Partial-Weight-Bearing Gait Therapy Device for the Regional Physical Rehabilitation Center at CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital.

We intend to build on the success of this event by making it an annual event that will benefit various Hospital departments, just as our Run with the Nuns event has in the past. We are also looking at incorporating some elements from our Run with the Nuns event into future Green Hat Run events, like the participation of our sponsoring Congregations and the Cook-Off event. There is even a possibility that the Blue Knights® LA VIII will host a Run that day that would end at the same venue as the Green Hat Run participants, so we could all enjoy live music and lunch together… more to come on all of this.

In the meantime, we’ve included a “Save the Date” flyer for the 2019 Green Hat Charity Fun Run/Walk/Crawl here for you. We hope you will join us as a participant or even a sponsor for this new event as we continue to look for new ways to engage our community in improving healthcare resources for Southwest Louisiana.

Your continued support of our mission is so very appreciated. You make a difference in our ability to provide the highest quality healthcare – and hope – right here at home.

Sincerely, the CHRISTUS Ochsner Southwestern Louisiana Foundation team