CHRISTUS Ochsner Health Southwestern Louisiana is proud to announce our Wellness, Screening and Genetics initiative, the first comprehensive, integrated program of its kind in Southwest Louisiana.

By offering newly developed tools for identifying both genetic and lifestyle cancer risk, advanced imaging technology and personalized management of cancer risk, this program enables patients to understand and address their risk at a much earlier stage in their lives.

Headquartered at the James W. Gardiner Center at CHRISTUS Ochsner Lake Area Hospital, a future nationally accredited Breast Center, this program is offered at other CHRISTUS Ochsner locations in Southwest Louisiana as well and will offer cancer detection services unmatched in our region.

The first step in this comprehensive initiative is to identify if patients are at risk for developing cancer. This will be done using a set of risk-determining tools that focus on genetics and lifetime risk.

For those patients determined as “high risk” for developing cancer, a Nurse Navigator will be assigned to develop and help patients manage a personalized plan that focuses on lifestyle choices and an appropriate screening schedule.

The advanced technology integrated into the new Breast Center includes 3-D mammography screenings, 3-D ultrasound imaging and 3-D mammography biopsy technology; this allows for improved image quality in order to identify lesions that typically hide in dense breast tissue as well as tools for investigating suspicious tissue effectively and efficiently.

This comprehensive approach to the early detection of cancer will help our patients take control of their health and provide them with tools to manage an often difficult diagnosis.

To schedule an appointment with our navigator, call (337) 431-7887.