Ever thought about extending your support for the CHRISTUS Ochsner SWLA Foundation through your network of friends and family?

Host A Fundraiser

Ever thought about extending your support for the CHRISTUS Ochsner SWLA Foundation through your network of friends and family? It’s simpler than you think! There are several unique ways you can help us provide exceptional health care in Southwest Louisiana by helping our hospitals stay on the cutting edge of available technology, master life-saving treatments and extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.

Find out what fundraising option works best for you. Regardless of what you choose, all donors are welcome to tour the facility or facilities they choose to support.

For Businesses

Whether it’s a percentage of all sales or a percentage of a specific item, incentivize your customers and give back at the same time!

A few tips for hosting a successful percentage of purchase event:

  • To get your employees involved, offer an incentive for the employee who sells the highest number of items.
  • Contact us to receive a logo to create high-quality posters or other marketing materials.
  • Consider tying your donation to a special item, such as a green milkshake or green clothing items around St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Incorporate the portion of proceeds event with a sale, holiday or other happening that will bring more people into the business.

Fill a jar with jelly beans, Skittles or other candy pieces and invite customers and employees to donate to guess how many are in the jar. Consider a grand prize in addition to the jar of candy!

Large facilities often hold annual donation drives for employees. Consider making the CHRISTUS Ochsner SWLA Foundation this year’s beneficiary!

Some great employee donation incentives (at little cost to the company) may include:

  • Preferred or reserved parking
  • Extra vacation days

Snacks in their office for a month or a year

For Individuals, Clubs or Organizations

Partner with any business that has a large parking lot. Gather your water hoses, buckets, soap and sponges and charge each car for a wash. Donate the proceeds to the CHRISTUS Ochsner SWLA Foundation!

Ideal for groups, make this a bonding and fundraising experience! Get together to whip up your best cookies, cakes and other treats, and sell them after a church service or other event for maximum exposure.

Want a fresh idea? Consider these options:

  • Sell homemade granola bars or other dessert alternatives, too.
  • Have a contest among the bakers. Have them create goodies following a certain theme, or see who can command the highest price for a special cake or other item.

Whether it’s your birthday, a neighborhood Christmas party or a party to watch a big game, consider supporting the Children’s Miracle Network! Here are a few ideas:

  • Rather than buy gifts for each other at a Christmas party, collect the gift money and make a donation together.
  • Set up a football squares pool for any football watch party. Split the buy-in proceeds between the winner and the CHRISTUS Ochsner SWLA Foundation.
  • Ask for a donation to the Foundation in lieu of birthday gifts.
  • Host a tailgate at any sporting event! Charge participants for entry and include food, drinks and games under a tent.

What a great time to go through your clothes, kids’ toys, home décor, servingware and other items! Get a few neighbors together, clean out whatever doesn’t spark joy and, after the sale, donate some or all of the proceeds to the Foundation.

Gather donations from businesses, number your balloons and have a balloon sale! This is a fun idea to implement at a park or other busy area.

Tips for a successful balloon sale:

  • Make sure you have a prize for every balloon you sell.
  • The price for each balloon can be as little as $1 and as much as $100, depending on your audience and your goals. Whatever your price, ensure that every balloon has a prize worth at least that amount.
  • No need to put the prizes inside the balloons. Just put numbers in each, and keep the corresponding prizes in a folder.
  • Gift cards make great prizes!

For Schools

Allow students to wear non-uniform clothes in exchange for a predetermined donation to the Foundation. Consider using these helpful tools:

  • Create a flyer and send it home with students in their backpacks.
  • Send an email to parents announcing the event.
  • Hang posters announcing the event in each classroom, in the cafeteria, in the library and in other common areas.
  • Let students know about the event during the morning announcements.