For over 30 years, CHRISTUS Health has invested in critical health resources to aid in the growth and development of underserved children and adolescents throughout Central and Southwest Louisiana by establishing 22 School-Based Health Centers (SBHCs) housed within public schools across seven Louisiana parishes.

SWLA School-Based Health Center Locations

· South Cameron High School
· Washington Marion High School
· Ray D. Molo Middle School
· Combre-Fondel Elementary School

Our Purpose

The purpose of the School-Based Health Center program is to create a trustworthy, consistent presence at these schools on a daily basis that
encourages trust and openness among students, creating more access to more advanced care when needed.

Our Approach

• Provide Nurse Practitioner, RN, Licensed Mental Health Professional, and support person at each location for a total of 61 Associates in Central
LA and 18 Associates in Southwest LA
• Work in unique ways to improve both the physical and mental health of students by providing resources for healthy lifestyles at all ages from
kindergarten to 12th grade
• Offer a variety of health care services such as immunizations, chronic care, individual/group counseling, vision, hearing and depression screenings, as well as wellness physicals
• Provide nutritional, dental and physical education
• Offer onsite prevention for addressing environmental influencers like alcohol/drugs/tobacco use along with bullying prevention and suicide warning identification
• Serve as daily necessities for at-risk children who have diabetes and require hourly insulin checks that teachers do not have the ability to provide

Proven Success

Through these centers, we have been able to reduce absenteeism, suspensions, expulsions, dropout rates, and violence.

Proven Success

Through these centers, we have been able to reduce absenteeism, suspensions, expulsions, dropout rates, and violence.

By the Numbers

8,500 students visit School-Based Health
Centers annually
74% Medicaid
13% Uninsured
13% Commercial pay

SWLA Center Interactions

FY 2019 – 19,169
Encounters with students
FY 2020 – 14,738
Encounters with students
(schools closed in March due to COVID)
FY 2021 – 5,404
Encounters with students
(late school openings due to hurricanes)

The centers receive a total of $508,000 from the state grant for the operation of these clinics, leaving the hospital to supplement approximately $500,000 annually.

This past year, the state of Louisiana has implemented performance measures that make it more strenuous to qualify for the limited funds that support the School-Based Health Centers.
With the pandemic and the devastation to our communities from Hurricanes Laura and Delta, the subsidy required from the Ministry is even higher this year given the fact that sites opened late and are seeing fewer students. Calcasieu Parish schools have reported a loss of 3,000 students which has equated to a loss of state support of approximately $12 million.

Our Request & Our Thanks

In this unprecedented year of hurricane recovery and COVID-19 response, it is more critical now than ever that we support our most vulnerable children. Having witnessed three generations of children come through our clinics, we are confident these clinics are a valuable safety net of health care resources for the underserved.

We ask you to prayerfully consider helping us, so that we can adequately prepare for the future for these most vulnerable children.

“The School-Based Health Center provided by CHRISTUS Health is a vital part of our school setting, helping us as we strive to meet our goal of caring for the whole child. Having their team at our school gives us access to medical professionals and resources so that, together, we’re able to address students’ medical issues.”

Heidi Baccigalopi, Assistant Principal South Cameron High School

Call (337) 430-5353 or visit to make a difference in the lives of children across our community. Donate today to empower tomorrow.